You might get excited about having the opportunity to work overtime especially if there is an additional financial incentive involved but beware! What seems to have a positive benefit to the family can actually be detrimental especially when your spouse and children start to feel neglected.

Ask yourself this question and answer it honestly. Why are you working so much?

Financial Need.

You can’t pay all the bills and carry the burden of keeping the family afloat.

  • Can you alleviate the stress by downsizing your home or car?
  • Are you overspending in areas that are wants rather than needs?
  • As a family work out a realistic budget which will help you remain home more.
  • Ask an outside expert for advice.

In the workplace climbing the ladder and achieving a promotion holds an appeal. If your identity is tied closely with your job title, then it can be easy to focus on your career rather than success in the home which receives less kudos from society.

  • Recognise that others might be able to do your job but your kids are the only ones who can call you their parent.
  • Put in more effort climbing the ladder of success at home and you will have more satisfaction and acclamation than any promotion can give.
  • Find ways to serve your family and you will go up in their estimation.

There is recognition, praise and affirmation. A spouse succeeding in the workplace but receiving criticism at home can be motivated to spend more time at work than necessary.

  • Affirmation is a need! Have you communicated your need to your spouse?
  • If you have a habit of criticising – STOP! You reap what you sow.
  • If your spouse is spending too much time out of the home, make sure you become the primary encourager of your spouse.

You arrive home after a long day at work only to be greeted by turmoil the moment you step through the door. Your home is not a place of peace and you stay at work to avoid confrontation.

  • You can change your home from a war zone to a place of peace. Put God in His proper place in your home and He will help you.
  • Create an oasis for your family free from the stress of work
  • When you walk through the door and take off your coat, take off your job title too.

Don’t be fooled by the lie that more work is the sign of success. Be successful at what means the most, have a successful family life!

By Lainey Hitchman

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