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Most people would expect that marriage preparation begins when they have found the ‘one’ and have taken the next step of commitment to get engaged. Often, three or four months before the wedding date, a couple will sign up for a marriage preparation course together to make sure that they are ready for marriage. While there is a lot of logic to that stream of thought the reality is that it is often too little too late.
It’s too late because this approach assumes that the function of marriage preparation is to simply enlighten you about what married life will be like. It supposes that you will become privy to a few insider secrets to marriage success.

The character you develop and the choices you make when single all impact your future marriage. Share on X
The person you become, the character you develop and the choices you make when you are single all impact your future marriage. Marriage preparation is something you can start now. Start by asking yourself the question ‘Are there things I couldn’t live with if the person I marry has the same character as me?’ As strange as that question may sound you may discover that there are habits or character traits you wouldn’t put up with in someone else.
Media paints the romantic picture that someone will love you exactly as you are. The reality is that they may love you but negative aspects of your character will still get on their nerves.
What do you think you need to change?



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