The best gift this Valentine's day is your commitment!

Love it or hate it Valentine’s Day will soon be here again!

Valentine’s Day may not even register on your calendar but the day does give us an opportunity to reflect on the love we should share with our spouse. Love that isn’t just for a short romantic season but a love that is a love for life. While many may be agonizing over what to give your other half remember the best gift you can give this Valentine’s Day is your commitment! Make sure they know that when you said ‘I do’ you meant it … forever!

This ‘forever’ love isn’t just nurtured by a box of chocolates, a bunch of flowers or a romantic evening on a special day of the year. This ‘forever’ love needs to be nurtured every day of every year. It is an investment that will reap great rewards. Make sure you use many ways to tell your spouse that you love them. We have 5 senses; those senses help us to know when something is real. Use them to help your spouse know that you love them and are committed to your relationship.


Have you said I love you recently?

A wife was complaining to her husband that he never told her he loved her any more. He replied ‘I told you I loved you on our wedding day, I will let you know if anything changes’. Unfortunately unless we repeat those three special words to our loved-one they quickly become unsure of our feelings. We need to express our love for one another daily.


We spend a lot of time on our appearance while dating. Taking extra care choosing what to wear, watching our weight etc. As we become more comfortable with each other we can become lazy and not give as much care and attention to our appearance. Make a special effort and communicate to your spouse that they are worth it!


Not just in the bedroom but throughout the day!  Say I love you by holding hands, hugging and giving a kiss before you go to work.


Many of us appreciate a special meal. Many years ago I would make an effort to cook something delicious for Roy on special occasions.  A few years later I discovered that it hadn’t made much of an impression because I was cooking all my favourites not his favourites! Don’t fall into the same trap.


Our sense of smell is as important as the other senses. Make an effort beyond basic hygiene. Find out which perfume or cologne your spouse prefers. It may surprise you to know that your favourite may not be their favourite! Set a romantic atmosphere by burning scented candles.

This Valentine’s Day may be exactly the right time to reaffirm your dedication to one another forever. 

By Lainey Hitchman 


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