when there are signs of stress from your journey... show yourself a little love & REST

Our car came back from the garage today. We had been particularly worried about the strange clunking noises it was making which were getting louder by the day.  Our minds were running riot with all sorts of thoughts about what could be the matter, and frankly, we were also worried about what could be wrong and how much it was going to cost.

It is easy to avoid maintenance for a number of reasons.

  1. It is uncomfortable to take it to the garage and communicate in Hungarian
  2. Fear of how much it might cost to repair
  3. Procrastination, feeling that it will keep going for a little while longer so we don’t need to do anything right now.

It turned out that the reason the car was making so much noise was because of the number of potholes we have on our roads, our village is particularly bad.

Expat families, families living abroad need to make sure that they look after themselves properly on the field. Follow through and get your life, your marriage and your family through a service? Invest sometime strengthening and repairing. Focus on God instead of on the potholes.

(This particular “pothole” was on our motorway in the summer).

We have got used to bouncing up and down when we take a trip somewhere, but it obviously takes its toll on the car. The car needed new handbrake cables and new stabilisers on the suspension.

The handbrake is of course there for a purpose. It isn’t just there for use in an emergency. There are times we need to come to a complete stop and rest. If we haven’t been using the handbrake in our lives, perhaps it is time to remember it is there. Rest is a good thing!

We all need maintenance and as missionaries, we tend to avoid it.

3 Reasons Why Missionaries Won’t Rest:

  1. They won’t admit it. It is uncomfortable to admit they need help especially if they think people won’t understand their situation.
  2. They are often concerned about the cost. They ask questions like: Can we take the time off? Can we afford a flight home?
  3. Procrastination, feeling as though if they can just keep going they can get through this when all the time their spirits, emotions and bodies are crying out that they need a rest.

Recognition is a huge key to making sure that you look after yourselves properly on the field, but it is not the only part. Although we recognised there was a problem with the car, we still had to follow through and get it serviced.

  • Is it time to follow through and get your life, your marriage or your family through a service?
  • Do you need to invest some time strengthening and repairing in order to keep running?
  • Do you need to focus on God instead of on the potholes?


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