The temptation to “look back” hits very soon after arriving in a new country, everything is new and often difficult. We counted the cost before we left for Hungary, we knew we were giving up stability, jobs, our home and our comfort. This included our comfort in communication.  A few months after arriving in Hungary I had the unpleasant experience of hitting a pothole in the road that caused my tyre to blow. I suddenly realised that I didn’t know any relevant words for this situation. To rub salt into the wound the spare tyre was damaged too and utterly useless. A gentleman stopped to help me change the tyre but I simply could not communicate that changing the tyre wouldn’t help.

This situation started a trail of thinking that wasn’t helpful. “If I was back home I could get help”, “If I was back home I could phone the mechanic”, “If I was back home I would know where there was a mechanic”, “If I was back home I would know the word for mechanic”! Very quickly the “If I was back home” changed to “If only I was back home”.

It is dangerous to look back with regret. It leads us into a place of paralysis and prevents us from moving forward with our lives. The fear of the future seems greater when we remember the comfort of the known. A path that hasn’t yet been trampled may hold more danger than one that is well worn.

If we do choose to look back we try not to use a comparison between the old and the new but instead we remember how God has met our every need, our need for friendship and provision.

Lot and his family were told “Don’t Look Back” Genesis 19:17. It was good advice!

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