'When determination and faith are all you've got left to hold onto, determine not to let go of faith and keep pushing on, placing your trust in God.'

After a pretty horrible summer weather-wise, we were relieved that the cold weather hadn’t really hit us, up until now. We are usually guaranteed cold weather from the beginning of November so we had already had a month of grace.

The snow started falling, showing the signs of the season beginning. Don’t get me wrong, we love snow, but it is important to be prepared for it. Here in Hungary, everyone has to change their tyres from summer to winter ones because a better grip is needed. We have noticed that in our walk as an expat family there are seasons in our lives that don’t always coincide with the weather changes in our country.

Getting a Grip

As expats, winter is a season of the soul when we need to change tyres and increase our grip on God. If you feel that you are slipping and sliding emotionally, then it is time to deepen your relationship with Him. There is nothing worse than feeling out of control.

Navigation is not difficult if you are in the passenger seat, and God is behind the wheel. Share on X

We have a very steep hill to climb on the way home from the city. This morning a bus got stuck on the way up the hill and couldn’t get up. The most frequent accidents are caused by people who are overconfident in their ability to cope with the weather. When we try to cope on our own emotionally, we also can end up as casualties.

A friend posted this statement on Facebook,

‘When determination and faith are all you’ve got left to hold onto, determine not to let go of faith and keep pushing on, placing your trust in God.’

When we grit our teeth and press onwards with sheer determination, we can still be operating in the flesh, and the flesh can give way. Determine not to let go of faith and God will carry you through.

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