marriages don’t need to grey, inject some colour!

Hair Dye

In preparation for the beginning of a new term, I had the satisfaction of checking off a number of items on the list. Accomplishment is a great feeling especially when you have to jump through the hoops of doing all of the usual things but in a different language.

Removing the Grey

This morning I removed another item from my to-do list, quite simply it was time to remove the grey. Before moving to Hungary I used to dye my hair for fun and over the years I have tried a rainbow of colours. Roy always joked he didn’t know if he was going to be married to a blond, a redhead or a brunette each month. Now as the grey insists on increasing, my motive for dying my hair has certainly changed.

Bringing Colour to Your Marriage

As I was waiting on the colour to develop I started thinking about the impact that age has on a marriage. Sometimes we become ‘old’ in our outlook on life. We forget to do things ‘just for fun’. We can remove the grey in our marriage too! Plan to get out and do some fun things together. Be spontaneous! Marriage does not have to be dull or boring.

What do you enjoy doing together?

When did you last spend time together just having fun?

What makes you both laugh?

Plan to ‘remove the grey’!

Bringing Worlds Together Book

Many couples struggle to get on the same page in marriage. Whether you are newlyweds or have been married for years Bringing Worlds Together will help you blend together. Expect to learn more about your spouse, gain insight and be challenged.

Are you ready to move closer rather than drift apart?

Available in print and ebook formats.

Adjusting Expectations Book

No-one enters marriage expectation free. Adjusting Expectations helps identify how expectations were formed and whether or not they were realistic. Most expectations need some adjustment; they are often too high but can also be set too low. The good news is expectations can be reset!

Find out what you should expect and what God expects from you.

Available in print and ebook formats.

Improving Communication Book

Most couples would willingly admit that their communication could do with some improvement; although many people also point the finger of blame squarely at their spouse for communication failures. Whether you believe it’s your fault, their fault or that you’re both to blame, this book is for you! There is always room for improvement.

Available in print and ebook formats.

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