One of the lesser known problems of living in Hungary is something the Hungarians call the “kullancs” it is a small tick which usually lives in forests or fields. It is normally the size of the head of a pin but such a small thing can cause a big problem. They spread encephalitis, meningitis and Lyme disease.

This morning the kids are due to go to our Doctor’s for a second injection against the viruses they carry. It isn’t a one off thing; they will periodically need another booster injection. Occasionally Roy and I have found one trying to dig its way into our skin. They are very small, very hard to find and often you don’t realise it is there until it starts to hurt.

Many problems in our relationship happen the same way, they start out very small. Often it is hard to pinpoint exactly what the problem is until it starts to hurt or until we start to hurt each other. The cause is often linked back to parasites that try and steal our time.  The impact of these parasites can cause our relationship to become unhealthy.

Prevention is better than cure! How do you prevent these “kullancs” from destroying your marriage? Roy and I sit down together and talk about “time stealers” and “background stresses”.  Sometimes there are easy solutions and sometimes there aren’t. We know everything feels so much worse if we don’t get to spend quality time together and so often that is the first thing that gets neglected when Hungarian lessons, work, calls etc come crowding in. We now know what most of these triggers are but still need “boosters” to help our relationship maintain a healthy footing.

If you are living abroad or even in your own nation do a “tick check” and make sure that parasites aren’t poisoning your relationship!

3 John 1:1-3 Dear friend, I pray that you may enjoy good health and that all may go well with you, even as your soul is getting along well.


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