Why Your Expectations Need Adjusted

Adjusting Expectations explores the world of expectations within marriage and what happens when they aren’t met. Albert Einstein has been accredited with saying, “Women marry men hoping they will change. Men marry women hoping they won’t change. Inevitably both will be disappointed.” He encapsulated a very real truth in marriage in a few short sentences. Disappointments are inevitable, but most people focus on the object of their frustration rather than figuring out if their expectations were, in fact, realistic. Many marriages are struggling under the weight of unrealistic expectations, and the hope of happiness is eluded because it has been pinned on a performance based relationship. Adjusting Expectations changes that focus and allows you to put your expectations under the microscope.

How Your Expectations are Formed

Expectations are influenced by many different things, your culture, your formative years and the attitudes of your friends and family. You will have the opportunity to think about the expectations you had about marriage and of your spouse. You might be surprised by what you learn about yourself as well as your partner! Armed with that information it’s easier to see which assumptions were unhealthy, and which presumptions were unfounded. There is so much freedom to be gained from releasing your spouse from the unhealthy pressure of living up to your unrealistic measure of success.

Deciding Which Expectations Need Tweaked

We’ll explore the world of expectations in love, romance and intimacy in marriage and you’ll start to understand more about where those expectations came from and which ones need tweaked.

Discovering God’s Expectations for Your Marriage

Perhaps, most importantly, we explore what God expects from couples and what marriage was designed to be. When He sets your expectations then you are firmly on your way to having a healthy relationship.

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