“Hardship often prepares an ordinary person for an extraordinary destiny.”

― C.S. Lewis

I don’t think that anyone enjoys going through difficult times but inevitably they come and we have to face them.

The wise man built his house on the rock but he didn’t avoid the storm. Too often we look for a way to avoid rather than face the issues. The wise man’s stability didn’t come because of a clear blue sky and calm seas; in fact he faced the same storm as the foolish man.

Three Keys from Matthew 7:24-27
  1. Listen. Too often prayer is used as a one-way communication tool telling God what the needs for the day are. God wants to speak to us and give us the wisdom we need to live our lives.
  2. Do the word. There is no point hearing instructions and ignoring them. It’s possible to quote scripture and even give others good advice but if we don’t put it into practice then we won’t be able to push through in tough times.
  3. Build on the rock. Make sure that Jesus is the foundation you build on. Don’t let ambition or pride take you in a direction that God never intended for you. Check that your foundations are correct.

Storms and hardships are inevitable but God often uses them to shape us and change our character. If you want an extraordinary destiny then let God work in you through the storms.

While these principles can be applied to each individual they can also be applied to your home. Are you building your home, your marriage and your family in the same way that you are building your ministry or your mission? As you walk through storms recognise that you are not going through them alone.

  1. Listen to what God is saying about how to serve your family.
  2. Do the things that God puts on your heart. Don’t ignore your spouse’s needs or your children’s needs.
  3. Build on the rock. Make sure that the spiritual condition of your family is secure. Don’t just pray, pray together!

That extraordinary destiny isn’t just for you; it’s a journey you are on together. Don’t forget that!

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