Speaking in Subotica

Speaking in Subotica

The photo illustrates the way I normally am. I’m usually the glass half full personality type it might even be close to being full! So it is safe to say I am not a person who is given to having melt downs. Normally I can take what’s thrown at me even if it’s a lot. Now for the confession 2 weeks ago I had a melt down, not a mild melt down, ‘a melt down’ melt down. Having just completed a conference which consisted of a lot of work, very little sleep and very little I could eat (food allergies are not fun when you are at a conference!) I returned home with Roy ready to collapse into a heap and find that elusive rest.

I actually crawled into bed even though it was in the afternoon thinking just a little sleep would help. At that moment when I was finally nodding off the phone rang and it was that phone call that tipped the scales. Our tenant in Northern Ireland was moving. I hear you saying well that isn’t too bad and in the clear light of day it isn’t.

Sometimes melt downs come when you least expect them. They can come after a ‘high’ in ministry. I just read an article which was entitled “10 real reasons why pastors quit too soon”. I read the article and thought to myself… yes I can relate to that and perhaps there are other missionaries out there who can relate too.

The reality is that missionaries have melt downs too. They have those moments when they are discouraged about what they are doing and question the validity of remaining on the field. So while I have previously blogged about expat marriage I thought it was time to write something from a real missionary to real missionaries.  So welcome to my new blog “The Honest Missionary”.

Transparency isn’t something that comes terribly easily, after all we are on the mission field, we are supposed to have it all together aren’t we? So I will attempt to strip away the pride and write an honest blog. I would love to hear from you and your experiences too!

Lainey Hitchman

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