Connected or disconnected from your kids?

Smartphones have extensively flooded the market as the essential communication tool whether you are at school, in business or travelling, but do cell phones really meet their objective as connection tools? Are smartphones really smart?

A number of years ago we were at the pool with our children, they were having a great time splashing and swimming around. Soon a father and his two children joined us by the poolside. The children got ready and got into the water, the father lay down on the sun lounger and took out his cell phone. The children tried hard to get their dad’s attention, they shouted, they did tricks they even started being naughty. Nothing they did raised an eyebrow or any recognition. The father was connected to his cell phone but not to his children.

When we left the pool that day our children expressed their sadness that the children didn’t have a daddy who loved them. We were quite shocked by that statement and asked why they thought that. They responded, “If their daddy loved them he would spend time with them not time on the cell phone”. Looking back at that day I am certain that father thought he was spending time with his children, after all, he had taken them to the pool!

Have you allowed the cell phone to steal precious family time? It is time to reconnect! Share on X

How many of us feel we are connecting with our families but are actually disconnected? Have you allowed the cell phone to steal precious family time? Don’t settle for tin can communication with your kids. Turn off your cell phone and listen to them!

It is time to reconnect!
  • Switch your cell phone on when you are apart
  • Switch your cell phone off when you are spending quality time together. Latest research shows that the ability to communicate effectively greatly diminishes when people keep glancing at their gadgets.
Make Cell phones features work for you!
Bluetooth wireless technology
  • Hands-free communication is essential, in other words when you are spending quality time with your family give them your undivided attention.
  • Have your hands free so that you can teach them how to play a game, be creative or simply hold their hand.
High Mega Pixel Camera
  • Take photos when you are out together, share photos and build memories
  • If your phone is full of Selfies and doesn’t have many photos of your kids you are missing a wonderful opportunity of capturing memories that mean something.
  • Don’t forget important events: anniversaries, birthdays, important games
  • Use the calendar on your phone to remind you that your family should take the number one priority
Huge Battery Life
  • Don’t give your family the worst part of your day when you are drained recharge your batteries with your family and let them see the fun side of you rather than the couch potato
Volume Control
  • People often shout into their cell phones, shouting is not communication! Take time to listen to the each other and talk
  • Evaluate how much you really listen to your kids
  • Do you talk to make a point or talk to them to have conversations?
Unlimited minute talk time
  • You are not paying by the minute invest time in connecting with your family
  •  Be available to talk to your kids when they want to talk and be willing ‘to stay on the line’ when they need you.



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