character is a magnet that not only has the ability to attract but to keep.

Relationships often leave people scratching their heads, but the attraction question is one puzzle many feel cannot be solved. How to attract the opposite sex is challenging especially when you aren’t sure what they are searching for.  It certainly is true that not everyone has the same taste and what one finds attractive another might feel repulsed by.

Some people feel like giving up the search because they aren’t sure that the opposite sex finds them attractive. We have heard many stories of people going under the knife to become more attractive. Others go through radical transformations by eating better and working out. Although a better body might be helpful in attracting your future spouse, it might be surprising to discover that physical attraction is not the most important aspect of finding your future mate.

The Independent ran an article about the qualities a woman looks for in a man. It would be easy to assume that most women look for someone they deem to be attractive, but one surprising result of the study was that women actually preferred altruistic men. The women, who chose men who were selfless and cared about the well-being of others, realised that for a long-lasting relationship you have to live with that person’s character not just their looks. Those women are smart!

We have championed for a long time character over chemistry and it seems that science backs this up. Many people are ignoring the superficial and looking for deeper qualities. Beauty fades over time but having someone to do life with who has a good heart, a loving character and continues to grow as a person is like finding a treasure.

Proverbs 31:10 A good wife who can find? She is far more precious than jewels.

Just like with most ‘treasure’ you don’t find it lying around on the surface, you have to take the time to see the soul of a person to know if you have found someone worth spending your life with. The big question is, do you have those deeper qualities?

Take time to see the soul of a person to know if they are someone worth spending your life with Share on X

Being the ‘right one’ is all about learning how to grow in the areas which you are weak. Are there areas of your character which need a lot of work? If someone was searching for altruistic rather than physically attractive would you measure up?

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