We were woken with a splash yesterday morning. Our next door neighbour’s dog (a really cute Hungarian Vizsla) had finally figured out how to worm her way through the fence and get into our garden. The objects of her desire were the fish that had been swimming around in our pond. She had been watching them through the fence for days, occasionally whimpering, hoping we would take pity on her and let her through.

She first figured out that she could get one paw and her head through the fence. It took her another week to force the gap wider and get the front half of her body through. She hadn’t quite figured out that if the front half of her body was through the rest would follow so our fish were safe for another few weeks before the splash finally came.

Statistics regarding stress on expat marriages states that there is a much higher risk of infidelity in expat couples? relationships than for other married couples.

Looking through the fence and admiring the ‘fish’ may seem innocent but where our thoughts lead our body is sure to follow. It is important to capture thoughts before they develop into actions.

2 Corinthians 10:5
We take captive every thought to make it obedient to Christ.

Don’t allow yourself the luxury of dwelling on any ungodly thought. Take all your thoughts captive. If you have been allowing your thoughts to stray now is the time to ask God’s forgiveness and His help to keep your marriage vows.

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