Some footprints fade over time while others leave a lasting impression. Be careful how you tread!

Luke 13:13

And he laid his hands on her, and immediately she was made straight, and she glorified God.

Luke 13:10-17

It’s not too difficult to get ‘bent out of shape’ in an argument with your spouse but what does that really mean? Back in the summertime,  I broke my little toe; it was just one of those stupid accidents. I walked past something without paying much attention to where my feet were moving and caught my toe on a piece of furniture. The pain immediately got my attention as I looked down at my blackening toe I knew I had broken it. Thinking that I knew best, I didn’t go to the doctors. I decided that in most cases broken toes get strapped, but not much else is done to fix them, so there was no point in going. I couldn’t have been more wrong!

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Over the summer the toe went through the rainbow of colours which is usual with bruising. I was walking fairly well, and it was easy enough to slip my feet in and out of the summer sandals. I didn’t realise how ‘bent out of shape’ my toe was until I needed to get back into my usual footwear then I discovered it quickly! My toe had a little bump on the side which was just at the wrong angle and rubbed against the side of my shoe. It was also extremely painful to put my boots on. It was then I decided that a trip to the doctors might be advisable. He confirmed that I had broken my toe and that it had ‘healed’ badly.

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Healing Isn’t Healing if it Heals Out of Joint!

My toe being bent out of shape means that I can’t walk in the normal way. I can’t do life the same way as I used to. I have to avoid doing anything which rubs the toe the wrong way. Isn’t it similar in relationships? If you have been bent out of shape, you can’t go on with the relationship in the normal way. You avoid issues that could cause tension and stress, but it leaves those issues unresolved.

Healing isn't healed if you have healed out of joint. Don't stay bent out of shape! Share on X

Take Responsibility for your Healing

I haven’t been able to wear a lot of my shoes since the accident; it’s not just that my shoes are uncomfortable many are painful. Being ‘bent out of shape’ often means being unable to relate correctly to those around you. I could easily blame my shoes; they’re too tight or too high or too ill-fitting, but the bottom line is it’s my pain that is causing the problem. It’s my responsibility to do what I can to get healed.

It’s too easy to think a solution is simply to buy different shoes. When you are bent out of shape you might think a good solution is to change your spouse, after all in your mind they are the problem! It’s important to resolve the issues and get healed otherwise the problem comes with you.

Jesus didn’t leave the woman who was ‘bent out of shape’ to suffer. He healed her! You might think that it is next to impossible to see your relationship healed. Don’t be discouraged, bring it to Jesus.

  • Are you bent out of shape with your spouse?
  • What steps have you taken to get healing?
  • Have you forgiven your spouse?


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