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Europe’s recognized surface area is 9,938,000 sq km and includes 47 nations and 857 million people (in 2010). Also in Europe we face the additional challenges of reaching out across approximately 30 languages (40 if we include some of the smaller language groups).  Luke 1:37 ” For nothing is impossible with God”.

The purpose of missionary work is to reach people with the Gospel. We want to reach all the nations within Europe with a message that will radically change their lives, the message of Jesus. We are finding that we are ministering to couples from both ends of the social spectrum. To reach some we must first open the door with humanitarian and social assistance however we know that this will not be enough. Families desperately need the hope only Jesus can bring! On the other side of the scale is another mission field which is often neglected. Those that seem to have everything are lacking the thing that is needed most. These families need hope too!

We know that God wants us to fulfill the Great Commission. Our focus therefore is on people. Our specific goal is to reach marriages and families regardless of their social and economic backgrounds, regardless of the language they speak or the country they come from.

We firmly believe that one of the keys to significantly impacting the marriages and families of Europe is through prayer. In addition, by providing 2=1 courses for singles, engaged couples, married couples and parents we are able to show people God’s blueprint so that they can build their lives according to God’s plan and sort out the debris in their lives.


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