6 Tips to Keep Your Marriage Healthy During Pregancy

Pregnancy can place a lot of strain on a marriage relationship. The physical and hormonal changes that a woman goes through are huge. The once level headed woman can appear to have changed into an emotional mess. Here are some tips for keeping a stable, loving relationship in the midst of change.

  1. Get enough sleep:
    Everything seems so much worse when you are tired so don’t be tempted to try keeping the same hours as you did before becoming pregnant. If you feel like you need to go to bed much earlier than your spouse, go to bed together! Your spouse can always get back up once you’ve fallen asleep.
  2. Make time for each other:
    It is easy to become distracted and neglect putting time into your relationship. One of the big dangers of parenthood is that your conversations start to surround your children, and you forget how to date each other. If you are on an evening out together, put your phones away, focus on each other and have fun!
  3. Communicate:
    Express how you both are feeling, don’t just talk about the baby. Did I just repeat myself? Yes, I did! It’s amazing how having a baby can become an integral part of every conversation. It’s important to communicate how you feel about each other, what you appreciate about each other. Take an interest in each other’s days!
  4. Make Love:
    Physical intimacy is a necessary part of the marriage relationship, don’t neglect each other (if you have been advised to abstain due to medical reasons then make sure you express your love for each other in other ways). It’s more important to find time to be intimate with each other than doing the chores!
  5. Be Understanding:
    Be considerate and understanding with each other during this time of transition, don’t be self-centered be relationship centred. Sometimes we can treat life as a competition but it’s vital that your marriage is not! Your marriage isn’t about you as an individual it’s about you as a unit.
  6. Pray:
    Pregnancy can be a time of worry and concern, perhaps you are concerned about how you will cope as parents or how you will cope financially. Pray through the different stages of your baby’s development and pray for their future. Remember that you can bring everything to God and He will help you through.

 By Lainey Hitchman

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