Patching Doesn’t Work Well

We have had a few problems with our central heating system over the years. Unfortunately, the onset of winter isn’t a great time of year to discover that there is a problem. The first indication we had was a wet patch on the bathroom floor that didn’t dry. Then the bedrooms seemed colder than usual. Roy topped up the water pressure and it improved but soon we were back at square one.  We were able to find a plumber, but the news wasn’t good. Just patching up the old system wasn’t going to work, we needed a whole new heating system, and that is expensive!

Identify the Issues

As we look back on our life here in Hungary, we can identify a number of areas where there have been leaks. I am not talking about something that bursts, and it is an ‘in your face’ problem. In some areas, we simply felt worn out.

In Joshua 9 the story of the Gibeonites is told. They were trying to convince Joshua that they came from a country far away and that they had been travelling for many days. One of the convincing factors was the condition of their wineskins. Their wineskins were old; they were cracked and in places had been mended.

You Need New Wineskins

What is the condition of your wineskins? For many expats, the long journey has taken its toll, and they are the worse for wear. Spiritually it is time for something new; we can’t rely on what we brought with us from another country, we need to get new wine from God.

Matthew 9:17 (NIV) Neither do people pour new wine into old wineskins. If they do, the skins will burst; the wine will run out, and the wineskins will be ruined. No, they pour new wine into new wineskins, and both are preserved.

To get that new wine there is an expense, a little similar to our heating system.


5 Tips For Avoiding Spiritual Leaks
  1. First, we need to be willing to let go of the old.
  2. Don’t rely on quick fixes or ‘Do it Yourself’ techniques.
  3. Don’t leave the problem until it is too late.
  4. Go to the expert, to the one who has ‘plumbed’ you and knows how you work.
  5. Be willing to pay the price. There is always some discomfort with change. To improve our lives spiritually and reap the benefit in our daily lives we must sacrifice time to pray and spend time with God getting a new ‘plumbing system’.

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