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Sometimes it takes a special occasion like a birthday or an anniversary to remind you to appreciate each other.   I woke up this morning with a deep sense of appreciation that I am married to such a wonderful man. I appreciate so many things about him but that wasn’t always the case.

Stop Grumbling

Every morning I would grumble and complain that Roy seemed incapable of picking his underwear and socks off the floor where he had dropped them. I focused on his problem rather than realising I had a problem of my own. For years I had been stuck in the cycle of complaining. I even prayed that Roy would change and that it would dawn on him how to find the wash basket.

Change Bad Habits

One morning, mid-complaint, God interrupted my rant with the shocking revelation that I was wrong. That I should learn to appreciate my husband rather than complain about him. I broke the old habit of complaint by exchanging it with thankfulness. Roy gave me an opportunity every morning as I picked up his underwear (yet again) to thank God for him. I started to pray for him and bless his day.  I soon discovered that I was no longer angry and frustrated but I was genuinely thankful.

Continue to Make the Effort

Nearly 3 decades on Roy doesn’t always leave his underwear on the floor, I don’t always remember to be appreciative but we do have a strong marriage because we allowed God to work on both our attitudes.

So here is my appreciation list:

Roy I appreciate:

  1. waking up in the morning and knowing that I have a faithful man by my side.
  2. that you take the time to pray with me about the day ahead.
  3. the way you look at me lovingly.
  4. the cup of coffee you bring me in bed.
  5. your protectiveness.
  6. your sense of humour and the way you laugh at your own jokes.
  7. your thoughtfulness.
  8. the jobs you do to keep everything running smoothly.
  9. the way you still go shopping with me even though you hate shopping.
  10. that you never comment on my wrinkles but always make me feel like I did when we first started dating.

Make a list of what you appreciate!

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