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The marriage blog talks about marriage issues and brings marriage advice.to help you make you marriage more like a bed of roses and less like a bed of thorns

The marriage blog talks about marriage issues and brings marriage advice.to help you make you marriage more like a bed of roses and less like a bed of thorns.

A Gentle Tone

A Gentle Tone

I recently saw this post on Pinterest and it really got me thinking about the causes of conflict in marriage and in relationships in general. Is the wrong tone of voice really such a huge part of the issue? Is this a new revelation or have people...

Neglecting the precious gift that God has given us!

I love my wife Lainey more than words could ever describe. To me, she is the most important thing on His earth. "He who finds a wife finds a good thing" springs to mind. What we have in our relationship between us is so precious: that connection, the understanding,...

The Get Out of Jail Free Card

The Get Out of Jail Free Card

Secure By Design! I don't know many people who would enthusiastically embrace an unstable relationship. Most people don't want to go through life with a feeling of insecurity and yet many don't feel safe in their marriage. Ironically that's when a lot of people feel...

The Divorce Assumption

The Divorce Assumption

Don't Cave to Temptation When a married couple’s relationship goes wrong, the desire to get out of it can be tempting. When your husband or wife is the source of your unhappiness, it seems obvious that getting away from them will solve the problem. You can assume that...

Disappointment and Misunderstanding

The potential for misunderstanding within a marriage relationship is huge. When our lives are so intimately entwined it is so easy to say something in the wrong way or to misunderstand something our spouse said. For Lainey and I it is no different, sometimes it is...

Dealing with Financial Priorities in Marriage

There are so many things that we need to get done in this house. Many of them will cost quite a bit too! One thing is for sure, at the moment we can't afford them all. It is also clear that some of the improvements I think are important to tackle are less important...

Successful Marriage

To have a successful marriage requires more than give and take! To really succeed the focus needs to be giving. One of the key principles marriage is preferring your spouse above yourself. To love my wife in the same way as I love myself is probably the single-most...

When Struggles Come in Marriage

When Struggles Come in Marriage

There are times when every marriage faces struggles. At times like these it's important to remember that you can get through it better together. Roy: Truthfully ... at times I struggle. At stages like this, my life feels difficult, a struggle, like walking through...

The Perfect Marriage

The thing is no-one has the perfect marriage, not all the time anyway. From time to time we feel more content with our relationship than at other times but to have a blissful marriage at all times ... well that is impossible. It?s also not the point of marriage....

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